Our Mission: 
To help America achieve what is generally accepted as a realistic goal, which is to achieve a Zero Environmental Footprint by the year 2050.

environment (1)During the past couple of years We’d gradually become interested in sustainability issues. Having transferred into the Energy and Environmental department, where we was responsible for writing contracts supporting the Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island areas areas, for…well energy and environmental initiatives. Like solar panels, wind turbines smart meters, Gas and Electric supply even steam and renewable REC’s. We’d become familiar with Utility Energy Savings (UESC) contracts, whereby the local utility company (NStar or NGrid), obtains financing to upgrade energy inefficiencies in a large commercial type building and the upgrade is paid for by the savings that are generated by the savings, and Energy Savings Contracts (ESCO) which are the same as UESC except private companies (Siemens Honeywell) do the work, I was involved in advanced metering projects, we’d read the book, Reinventing Fire by Amory Lovins, which we’d purchased on Amazon and we’d started poking around the Department of Energy’s web site, and reading everything we coud get our hands on concerning sustainability, peripherally we knew about geothermal Heat Pumps, we had been involved in the installation of one in Portsmouth, ME, but this was all in support of Federal Buildings with huge budgets and lots of funding. During a break at a seminar while discussing the concept of solar panels with one of the ESCO’s technical representatives. We asked if any of this technology could be adapted to resdential usage. And that’s how the idea of a blog for homeowners came about. As research went on we learned that New England had a unique set of problems (See the article “Why New England” and so solidified our target audience.