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Sustainability for the New England Homeowner



We want America to acheive a Zero Environmental Footprint by the year 2050. Towards that end we want to explore the newest technology available to create a sustainable environment. We’ll present articles by some of the most Tech savey folks we can find. But we’re not going to be an insiders site. All technical features will include hot links to a glossary to explain anything that you have questions about. Content wise our goal is to be inovative, informative and thought provoking. All that yet a bit whimsical and fun.  But Why New England?  We’ll educate and inform in the same Environment.  Zefby2050.net is intended to be a perpetual work in progress. We’ll start out with a focus on residential sustainability. We’ll discuss practical ways to reduce our energy consumption without increasing our costs, we’ll discover no and low cost ways of lowering our heating costs.

The low hanging fruit on this tree is the Air Source Heap Pump.  More commonly known as the Ductless mini split, this is proven technology and can save you a ton of money on your heating and cooling costs.  Read more about my family’s experience.  We’re going to be exploring the best of New England’s environmental and sustainable features, The City of Boston is one of our featured articles.


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